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Good Value in the Hands of an Experienced Injector! -Prescott, AZ

I'm a medical asst/ clinical aesthetician for a...

I'm a medical asst/ clinical aesthetician for a med spa and have been getting injections for 5 yrs. After 4 years of using only hyaluronic based fillers which metabolized quickly from my face a year and a half ago I decided to bite the bullet and try Radiesse, even though there are so many mixed reviews about it. I've now had it injected to my jawline and my cheekbones and I love it! The injection to the jawline was my first try and happily it lasted a full year vs the barely 6 months I get out of Juvederm. Since the retail cost of 1.5 cc syringe of Radiesse is about $600 and 1cc of Juvederm is about $500 it is a good value even taking into consideration that the calcium carrier gel in Radiesse absorbs quickly (meaning you are not really getting 1.5 cc's of product).
Important things to know about Radiesse before getting it, since it cannot be dissolved once placed in the body:
Its best used over bone in areas of deep placement like cheeks or jawline, not as great for fleshy areas and def not for lips, tear troughs or temples.
To avoid possible "bumps" which might arise from a histamine response in your body to the calcium spheres, I take an antihistamine for 3 days post treatment.
Follow your injector's post care instructions - no vigorous exercise for 24 hrs post treatment, no touching/massaging etc which helps keep the area from swelling and/or getting infected at injection sites.
I never bruise because I stop all aspirin and/or omega 3 supplements one week before treatment and then take clinical strength Arnica Montana immediately post treatment to 3 days after treatment for speedy healing.
Potential hard bumps are the scariest part of the treament so its important to go for deeper injections and have an injector that knows Radiesse well - since it really is placed differently than Juvederm.
If you do it right its wonderful - great for creating structure to the face since it doesn't move or migrate the way Juvederm does and lasts alot longer. The added benefit is it actually helps your body produce its own collagen in the area its injected!
Radiesse def doesn't replace Juvederm however since it can create scar tissue under the skin which isn't entirely bad (its collagen) but should not be done to excess because of this. I use it for the structural parts of the face and then fine tune other areas with Juvederm.

Hope this helps :-)

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And another very helpful review! Thanks for all your info, it's very appreciated! :)
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Jajaj no, Thats the léast of my concerns. Im worried about the Autoimmune reaccions , allergies and all the bad reviews here. Swollen faces for months ór years. Ruined lives. All those reviews that we see here in the site
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Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on Radiesse.  Are you worried about the amount of pressure you put on your face in the areas that have the Radiesse? For example, with it in your cheeks would it be a concern to you to lay on a massage table face down?

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Hi!!!! I'm glad you had such a wonderful experience! I'm really scared to try it or any filler jeje. I went to my PS to know more about Radiesse. I wanted it in the cheeks a little bit and some in the chin. Because I look really young. So he said that I needed in the chin and instead of the cheekbone ( the part of cheekbone that's on the side of ones face) , that I needed filler on the part of the cheekbone that's on the front( the part that's below the eye and more near the nose than the part that's in the side of the face. I don't know of you understood what I said jeje
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