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Just bought the Palovia at home laser device!...

Just bought the Palovia at home laser device! WooHoo! I'm a certified laser technician and have had laser treatments done on my face, but of course never in the sensitive under eye area. I am very interested to see if this at home device is going to work.

Since the company states that some consumers have reported a darkening of the skin 30 days after use, I am going to test treat two different areas for 30 days first to see what happens BEFORE I start under my eyes. I am treating the back of one hand only (to compare with the other hand) and a small area under my chin. My PS has already told me its safe for use in other areas (just not on eyelid) and I want to make sure I don't experience any adverse affects. The company allows you to return it 90 days after purchase if not satisfied, so its all good.

First treatment was interesting! I definitely felt the laser working, and there is slight edema and erythema in the treatment area. A grid "burn" pattern is visible (just like dr administered treatments). No post treatment pain, tho the skin feels a little rough.

Will keep you posted....

Have now been using Palovia for a little while now...

Have now been using Palovia for a little while now and have to say that it does appear to be working. I have been using it on my neck, under my jawline and have definitely noticed an improvement of the skin quality - its firmer and tigher, though rough to the touch from the laser. Just started using it around the eyes a couple weeks ago...not sure yet what the results will be there.
First off, the laser smarts pretty good around the eyes, even on a low setting. The post treatment effect looks like someone punched you in the face so definitely something you want to do only at night. I found that using Arnica cream helps reduce the bruising and redness.
One precaution - be careful with this if you have filler in your upper cheeks or around your eyes. Though filler is much deeper and should not be disturbed by the heat of the laser, I noticed an indentation between the lower eye and upper cheek after about 10 days of use. My plastic surgeon indicated that my filler had migrated a little - and this has never happened to me before. I don't know that it has anything to do with the laser, but just something to keep in mind.

Still happy with my purchase because of the great effect on my neck, but I'm going to wait until after the holidays to resume treatment my eyes just in case it is affecting my filler.
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any final update on this product, the last one was 1 year ago- thinking of buying it
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Thanks, Kitters, this was very helpful.
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Juvederm Ultra Plus XC
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Great info about it possibly causing your filler to migrate! Do you mind me asking which filler you use?

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Do you have an update? I would like to know your opinion.
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Still pretty much the same as much December update. I just just begun re using it around my eyes, so don't know yet if there will be improvement. The most frustrating thing is that it misfires alot if you are not extremely careful, but its risk free to try it! Buy one and use it for 60 days - you can return if you are not happy!!
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Thanks for the info!
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do you have any updates on your experience with palovia?
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