Botox and Restylane

I am a mother of young children in my late 30s. I...

I am a mother of young children in my late 30s. I always look tired, and I had a deep wrinkle between my brows. I limited the botox to the area between my brows, and used the restylane for the remainder of my face. The results are great. I look younger and more rested.

I had a restylane and botox injected into my face before I knew that I was pregnant (2-3 weeks). What are the possible side effects to my baby? I am very worried , and I would never have had the injections if I knew that there was a chance that I could be pregnant.

hi ginger, first of all i think you should be asking your ob/gyn about anything at all pertaining to pregnancy, but that said, in my opinion since i am an allergic person i always asked before getting it, restylane, if you could get a reaction, and was always told it is a natural product which our own bodies produce, which is why i always stuck with that and never anthing else. if you had botox also when pregnant, i would definitely ask about that with the ob, but i think you probably had a very small dose so try not to stress and just ask the dr. if it was that bad, you wouldn't be able to tolerate it either. honey, you are too young for all this stuff, trust me, you have plenty of time before you age, if your still having babies, just enjoy and forget this stuff. good luck
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