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I had juvederm injected into my smoker's lines...

I had juvederm injected into my smoker's lines (quit 16 years ago!)and a day later I am all swollen, bruised and there is absolutely no difference in the lines. I have lumps around the lines now.

Will the lumps disappear? Will the smoker's lines fill out or was it done incorrectly?

I am very upset about this as it was quite expensive for just four little lines.

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Please start eating pineapples a day or two before you go in for injection. Also take Arnica Montana pills the night before every 4 hours. Continue the pineapple and Arnica for about 2 days after the injection. Also apply ice immediatley after the injection for 24 hours. You should have almost no swelling or bruising. Pineapple contains bromelain which is a natural anti-inflammatory, and Arnica prevents bruising. If there are any bruises (likely if u have any they will be VERY tiny), after 24 hours apply warm compress to it and it should go away quickly.
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I never smoked but I have what I call "water bottle lip"--same result, different cause! I had Juvederm for these lines also, and it greatly reduced them but did not eliminate them. The doctor told me this would be the case.I was HORRIBLY bruised and swollen afterwards but did not have the lumps you describe.Overall I am happy with the results, it lasted nearly a year and I'll do it again. You will have to wait for the bruising/swelling to go away to see if yours was done correctly.
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