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Hi, I stated the treatment with Accutane 4...


I stated the treatment with Accutane 4 years ago besause no other medication was effective(topics,antibiotics,hormones).I began with 20mg/day and then 10mg/day,decreasing the dose.after 1 year i tried to quit because my acne was improved but with a 20mg/week my acne came back so i continued with a higher dose one more year.after two years with accutane my face was much better,it was not perfect but it was no longer a problem in my life.For another 2 years i dropped the dose gradually untill 10mg/week and finally after 4 years i stopped the treatment completely.After 3 month the acne was back not only on my face but also on my chest and back,on the scalp and neck.i have now a very oily hair also.
during the treatment a had no side effects:no depression,no liver disfunction,no dry skin or lips,i could wear my contact lens and i enjoyed the beach,the sun.i was verry happy.
my question is:will these effects post treatment continue?or they will decrease in time?what kind of treatmnt should i do now? unfortunately the topics are ineffectife.
and my last question is how will i be affected after such a long treatment with accutane?
Thank you very much!

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Are you sure you took proper Accutane? The way you put it, it seems you've had no side-effects, which is incredibly odd. Accutane should at the very least dry your skin a little. And it is potent, i don't think one would be able to take it for 4 years... Maybe you should seek out another doctor's advice?
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