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Very Painful Experience - Portsmouth, NH

I had active fx 8 days ago and want others to be...

I had active fx 8 days ago and want others to be aware that this is a very painful procedure. Prior to the procedure I had a Vicodin, Valium, and then numbing cream was applied to my face. After about on hour I was ready to have the procedure and at that time the doctor injected nerve block in six places in my face. I consider myself to have high pain tolerance, but this felt like someone was taking a torch to your face- very painful although it only took about 15-20 min to complete. Cold compresses were then applied. The pain only lasted for about 2 hours after the procedure then it subsided from a 10+ pain level to approximately a 2. At this point I don't see any improvements except the brown spots have disappeared. Generally I'm a fairly optimistic person and continue to hope I'll see some improvement with time!
Welcome, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us! Sorry you found the treatment so very painful, gosh with all that pre-numbing and pain reliever medication you would think it would be tolerable, so sorry it didn't help fully! Are you only having the one treatment and what areas of your face were treated?
I had my entire face done all at once and that will be the only treatment. I do now see an overall brightness to my face and the pores seem to be smaller, but really no luck with the fine lines and wrinkles.
Dr. Hails

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