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Xeomin Worked Quicker Than Botox -Portland, OR

Had Xeomin for the first time a week ago. Not only...

Had Xeomin for the first time a week ago. Not only did it work quick it was effective. Lines between my eyes dissipated within 3 days. Crows feet gone in that amount of time too. I have used Botox for many years and liked it. Xeomin is just as good, but not as expensive. I might have Botox next time to get a good comparison. It always takes about 7-10 for Botox to work for me. The Xeomin showed results in 3 days.
Interesting!  Can you tell any differences at all, besides the cost and the time it took to work?
It has been 1 week and I would say it smooths out lines a bit better for me. I had the same amount used as compared to Botox. Next will be seeing how long it last compared to Botox.
Let us know how long it lasts :)

Xeomin still holding

Had Xeomin for the first time 3 months ago. Still holding well. Slight movement that looks natural and soft. With Botox my crow's feet would be ready for more by now. I think I can go another month or more before I need a pick me up. And, I am in my late 50's.
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