Uneven Back and Bra Roll After Smart Lipo 2 Wks Post Op. Is It Uneven Swelling or Definite Results? - Portland, OR

I had my back, bra roll, and hips smart lipo'ed...

I had my back, bra roll, and hips smart lipo'ed two weeks ago. So far everything has been healing nicely. HOWEVER my bra roll is slightly larger on my right side versus my left. No other areas that were worked on are uneven. A total of 3 liters of fat was removed. I was not uneven before so i am wondering if this is due to healing or liquid swelling or if its the result I'm left with. I noticed the assymetry in the bra roll just a few hours AFTER the lipo procedure and so far it has just gone down with minimal results. :\

Sono Bello


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Hey there duncan...ur looking really good...PATIENCE is gonna be the hardest part of this whole process...U R still swollen and it takes a while for it to go down...Im almost 8wks post op and still swollen in my belly with some lumps..my right side of belly sticks out with lump further than left. Trust me...patience is not easy for me...but its what u need...do massages on urself when u can handle it..if no pain...I use lotion and just massage in circular motions. If ur bra roll is off...will doc do a retouch for free...u want to let them know ur not happy thus far so they put that in record and ask about if u need a retouch...my surgeon since he would fix if my lumps dont go down..he may have to go back in and do a little more lipo...keep me posted and BEST OF LUCK TO U HUN :) TRY and stay postive...another lil tip...try not to look in mirror so much....I didnt look for a week except in bathroom and saw differnce...also lots of pic's...they will keep u motivated and seeing the DIFF...if u look at my profile...u can see where I started and where im at....Picture help.....
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Still nothing ? Im adding some more pictures soon. I hope I get some feedback. I had the post op appointment (with the nurse!) and she claims its swelling itll go down blah blah blah
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