15% Diluted TCA Peel - Mine Worked Like a Charm

I purchased the 2oz bottle of 100% solution and...

I purchased the 2oz bottle of 100% solution and diluted it to about 15% with tap water. I spashed it on my face with eyes closed, rubbed it in, and it stings a little but I left it on for about one half hour instead of the ten minutes as per instructions. My eyes turned red and I got a runny nose. This was on thursday night.

Friday night nothing has happened. I take photos but it does not show up on camera. Saturday night my face feels a little dry and chapped. Sunday afternoon my face began to peel and I soaked in the tub with a toilet paper tube for a snorkel for about an hour. All the skin rolled off in the tub, about 5 layers deep. My nose got blisters on it before the peel and looked kinda funny but after a couple of days the soreness went away from the tip of my nose.

My face is now clean. My hands and fingers started peeling about tuesday, like sunburn, they dont hurt or itch. Hands are tougher. There is still dead skin between my fingers on wedsday night. Cant wait to try it again in March, next time 25% solution.


Seriously in need of some attention, and this is a good way to get it, huh?!
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This review is so funny, who snorkels in a tub for an hour with a tp roll in their mouth, and splashes acid on their face? What a wack job.
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Hi. When you do a peel, your not supposed to soak your face in water to make it peel. You should let it peel by itself, and the length of time that it should peel, depends on the percentage of the chemical. Usually the more milder the chemical, the peeling time should be 3 to 6, and 7 to 10 days for the medium/deeper peel. This is why when you go to a Doctor they advise you to not take showers, and wash your face gently only twice a day. You are lucky that you did not get hyper pigmentation or scarring. You also need to wait at least 4 to 6 weeks before you can do another peel. Next time you do a peel, do not soak your face and make you skin peel ahead of time. This is why its called a chemical peel. You peel for a reason, but you need to let your body decide when to start peeling, and its important to moisturizer when you get a peel done, not overly moisturizer, but just a little.
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I did this all by myself

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