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Laser Lipo, Dr. Angeles - Portland, OR

Hi all, First thank you to everyone who has...

Hi all,
First thank you to everyone who has posted their experience on here, it really has helped encourage me before the procedure and continues to encourage me, as my recovery is rather tough.
I have always been pretty active, with periods through my life where I was more consistent than others. Obesity runs in my family and it has always been a struggle to get rid of fat that I put on very easily. Just recently, I have had enough of the yo-yo dieting and 3 months ago decided I have to change my lifestyle and make healthy nutrition and exercise a daily thing, rather than a temporary diet. I found a plan I can live with that is healthy and restarted my gym routine where I have been working out 6-7 times a week, combination weight lifting and cardio. Before surgery, I had dropped 10 pounds of solid fat in close to 3 months, but decided that my stubborn belly fat needs to go early, to encourage me to continue this journey and finish strong. You may call it impatience but I was not even able to look at it in the mirror, not even in my "skinny days", this is how much it had bothered me throughout my life.

Now on to the celebratory part: I was able to see a major difference immediately. I went in for my 1 week post-op and the nurse told me I am in the top 1% who can see such a major difference so soon, which made me happy. I am still so so swollen and very tender and numb, so I can only imagine what my 3 month mark results will look like. I am very happy with my results, I think DR Angeles did a fantastic job!

On to the procedure. After researching a lot I decided to go into the local Sono Bello clinic and requested Dr. Angeles as reviewers stated that he leaves no fat behind and it is so true, he does not. He did a great job with the procedure and made me feel very comfortable through it all. I got home and vaguely remembered what had happened because of the pain meds they gave me. Reviewers normally say that you are back to work within 2-3 days but frankly, my experience is different. I am 10 days post-op and am still very very tender and sore. I had upper/lower abbs, waist and lower back done and I am still very uncomfortable and very swollen. I can not feel my abdominal area as it is all together numb, and my back hurts when I lay on it, which has made sleeping a pain (I can only sleep on my sides). I would appreciate some input from those who had abdominal area done: how soon until I can feel my skin again? The numbness drives me insane. I ordered a 2nd stage garment which is on the way but until I get it, I am still wearing the garment they gave me around the clock. I can not stand not having it on, it feels like my core is not attached to my body when the garment is not on. I was told by the nurse that only about 20% of the swelling is gone at the 1 week mark but by 3-4 weeks I should see about 80% of the swelling and tenderness subside and I sure hope so! Any feedback you can give me on this, if you have experienced these symptoms of numbness and intense tenderness, I would really appreciate it!

Thanks everyone and I will post pictures soon!


Looks like you are now 6 months post-op, I'm wondering how you healed? I had my surgery 2 years ago with a different doctor but had two revisions with Dr. A. He was 100% better in many, many ways. From better pain management to better post-pain management, however the results are crap. I have red bumpy marks on my sides and my underwear/pants leave a mark under my belly button. I can no longer wear jeans because the are swelled so much I now have stretch marks. I now can only wear yoga pants and the surgery areas look so bad. Its been extremely painful and the biggest waste of time, money and self-esteem. I would never do this again -- and I researched it for 2 years before deciding. Sonobello was very snobby and not helpful. The recovery time was...well still recovering 2 years later.
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thanks a lot for the info. I am deciding whether or not to have a procedure done with dr. angeles and i have been trying to find as much info as possible on people he has performed procedures on so this is very hekpful. Cant wait to see the pictures
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Yes, you are welcome!! He really did a nice job. My recovery is tough so it takes away from enjoying it fully but I knew going in that it will not be a breeze and everyone is different on how quick they recover. I have been so busy but I will make some time to post some pics.
Dr. Angeles - Sono Bello

He did a wonderful job!

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