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Scared, Excited, Unsure -Portland, OR

I'll be having a procedure on Tuesday. I'm so...

I'll be having a procedure on Tuesday. I'm so scared. My flanks, my abs, my "banana roll" inner and outer thigh, and inner knee. Seems like too much for all at once. Scared of too much pain meds as well as numbing solution. Head some great things, heard some horrible things. Lumps scare me. I weigh 122, 5'4. But fat likes to collect in these areas no matter what I do. Could really use more good stories. I can't cancel cuz they gave me a "great deal" if I booked quickly and they already charged me... Sono Bello trisculpt. Help... Put my mind at ease.


Probably would do it again!

See comment below!
Sono Bello

Dr Zingaro... Hope he's great!

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Well I'm teo days post op. Gotta say, Dr Zingaro was great. Only took 1 mg of Xanax... And Demerol. I felt the needles but otherwise, really wasn't a bad experience. Was up and atem next day doing chores, running errands, and back to work today. Feel like I was someone's punching bag... But it's not really all that bad. Can't wait to see results. Already do on sides of my knees. The arm the Demerol was put in is pretty sore as well.... But overall, so pleased the lack of pain.
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I'm 5'4 and 153 lbs. 122 lbs would be a dream for me!!! You will probably have no problem getting it all done at once. The only annoying part will be changing all those pads after. But it's only for 48 hours ish. You will do great!!!!
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One drainage didn't last more than a day. Kept band Aids on but that was it.... It will be great!
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I agree, get it all done at once. You must not have much though at your height and weight. I'm 1/2 taller and 9 lbs heavier. Good luck! I'm having my upper/lower abs and flanks on Saturday to a Sonobello in MA.
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I'm having lipo tomorrow! For some reason I'm not really nervous, just excited. I will be doing it under IV sedation so I should just go to sleep and wake up all finished.
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They gave me Xanax and demoral when I had my procedures done. Took the edge off big time! I was so scared before I went in. I had everyone praying for me. I barely remember getting it done and hours went by and it didn't seem like very much time at all. You will be fine. Anxiety sucks doesn't it??
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Anxiety.... Does suck. I'm thinking about splitting the procedure into different visits. I only need a little from each area... And I'm scared of loose skin and lumps after the fact. Apparently this close to the procedure my money is not refundable...
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If it's only a little in each area I would recommend getting. It out of the way in one visit.
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