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Do Not Do It... - Portland, OR

I had liposuction done in 2004 and I gain 40 lbs....

I had liposuction done in 2004 and I gain 40 lbs. after it. I had lap band done in 2005 and I lost 120 lbs. In 2009 I was told that new procedure is available and this time will help me. but I had few more lbs. to loose and I couldn’t. I went down to 172 lbs. I wanted to go to 155 lbs. so I wanted to give another try with liposuction.

I went to the clinic in Portland and of course they have a very well train sell person witch was promising the stars and the moon. They sad that they will touch up if the job do not meet your expectation...what a joke, yes they did the touch up but again I was in pain for a very long time. Still didn't do any good for me. I needed to go to my family doctor to help me to keep my weight under control because I started to gain weight after the procedure. I didn't see my money back; I weight now 20 lbs. more than before the surgery. The only thing I lost was my money.

Watch out…

I was just wondering how liposuction can make you gain weight. Hhmmmmm???

Sorry to hear what you've been through, joke111. That clinic definitely steered you wrong; liposuction isn't good for weight loss, and it only removes a pound or two at most. I'm really sorry. :(

Sorry about your experience :(
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