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I had very deep parenthesis lines from my nose to...

I had very deep parenthesis lines from my nose to the corners of my mouth, as well as folds at the corners of my mouth. It made me look tired and a little older than I wanted to look. One visit to Dr. Magilke and I saw the years melt away. I look in the mirror and I don't see a tired wrinkled face but a freshness I could never have achieved without the injectables.


So glad you are happy with your results! :)

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Thanks so much for posting your doctor testimonial. While we appreciate this, the main focus of the RealSelf community is to discuss our experiences with different treatments, both the pros and cons. By sharing the details of your experience you can help others in the community who are considering the same procedure and you can get support from others who have done treatment.
So, if you wouldn't mind coming back and fleshing it out a little: telling us why you had the procedure done, what it was like, and how your healing process progressed, we would be happy to add it to the Restylane community.

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Portland Facial Plastic Surgeon

I had friends who had been to Dr. Magilke so he was recommended to me. Dr. Magilke has a wonderful eye and I have had several other procedures (botox and upper eyelid) done since as I had such marvelous results with the fillers. I am pleased with each and every procedure and visit to Dr. Magilke. Highly, highly recommend!

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