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I have mild acne but I scar badly. I have these...

I have mild acne but I scar badly. I have these dark red spots that take forever (years) to fade. I was hoping that the chemical peel would even my skin tone and help improve the health of my skin, thus reducing the number and severity of breakouts that I had. I had 2 sessions. The first was a Vitalize peel and the second was the Rejuvenize peel.

It didn't do a damn thing. My acne has gotten WORSE. I now have breakouts on areas of my face that I've never had before. It just makes me want to cry.


Try tretonin? It is available in both gel and creme formulations . It helps with both scarring. So if it causes your acne to worsen it will also help get rid of the scars once it has stopped causing your acne to flare up. Ask your derm about it.
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I used retin-A and it was a pain in the @$$. It was not easy to apply. It was really thick and cakey. I don't have the tolerance for an increase in breakouts before a product starts working. It's also really expensive.

I underwent a series of laser treatments called "Cool Touch" or "Cool Breeze". It was almost entirely painless with absolutely no down time. It'll take 4-6 months before I see results, because that's how long it takes for new collagen to build. I'll write a review about that when the time comes, as it's only been 1 month so far since my last treatment.

Awe, I am sooo sorry to hear this. :( I suffer from mild to mod. acne too, so I know how much it sucks! Have you talked to your dermatologist about trying Retin-A? I use it, and honestly don't see much improvement in my acne from it, but several of my girlfriends say they do, so perhaps it would work well for you??

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Chemical peels may work for some people, but it really depends on the ailment you're trying to fix. My advice is for people with acne or acne scarring, don't waste your time or money with chemical peels. The peeling process is a pain in the a$$ and I even got a severe fever blister after the 2nd one that prevented me from leaving the house for 1 week. Not worth it!

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