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IPL for Broken Capillaries

I had terrible broken capillaries on my nose and...

I had terrible broken capillaries on my nose and some on cheeks. My nose is large to begin with so it really bothered me. I decided to give it a try. I liked my first tech, she was nice, but I didn't feel anything and didn't notice anything. The next appointment I went to, I had a different tech because mine was out sick. Oh my god, it changed my life. It hurt but I saw results immediately! I couldn't believe on the ride home they were like 50% better! The third time I went, I had my original tech...and once again, didn't feel a thing and didn't notice any difference. Needless to say, I switched techs because the second one definitely knew how much to push the envelope and the results were amazing! I go for my 5th treatment in 2 weeks...and then I'll go for maintenance in the fall. All 6 were the $600 paid up front.

This has changed the way I feel about myself in so many ways. I'm so grateful the first tech called in sick that one time because if it weren't for that devine intervention, I would still be unhappy with my appearance. I totally believe its all about the tech!

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