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Good Bye Thunda Thighs.... I Hope.. - Portland, OR

I am now 6 days post-op from my procedure and...

I am now 6 days post-op from my procedure and thought i would write a review because lord knows I read just about everyones review on this website before deciding to get the procedure and find the information to be helpful so here it is.

I had my inner, outer thigh and banana roll done. Im 5'2 and 150lbs. Ive always carried the majority of my weight in my bottom half and i hate having large thighs so i finally decided to go ahead with the trisculpt process at sono bello. So on the day of the procedure i showed up at the office at 930 am. I went into the room the doctor came in marked me up and then the nurses gave me valium an antibiotic and a shot of demerol. When the demerol started to hit i felt quite nauseas and thought i was going to puke, luckily i didnt and eventually the nausea subsided. I was then put into the surgical room and ready to have the procedure. I surprisingly wasnt nervous, the only thing that makes me nervous about going through with the lipo is the results. I am now in the room and the doctor begins to make the incisions and put the numbing tumescent fluid in me. Some spots were quite painful but it was bareable and once the fluid was in i didnt feel anything after that. The surgery took an hour and a half.

I then came back home and feel asleep for a few hours. There was quite a bit of drainage. The pain was manageable and i only took 1 advil throughout the whole thing. Now in the midle of the night i woke up and my pads were soaked so i went in the washroom to change them. When i unzipped my garment i immediately felt light headed and nauseas. I didnt realize that would happen, luckily i didnt pass out or anything. So now its just a waiting game....having the patience to wait to see the results.

Before and 1week post op

1 week post op. As you an see I'm still very bruised. I've been using arnica gel and hope this will help and make these bruises go away quick!
Thank you for sharing and all of the pictures! It helps so much for making a decision (for me and others). Congratulations and looking forward to seeing what looks like will be fabulous results!
Your very welcome :)
You look great after only one week. You are lucky to have a teeny waist to begin with. I am so on the fence about doing the lipo. It really helps to see before and after pictures. Some are pretty scary. Obviously, a competent surgeon makes all the difference.

Recovery After Lipo

I am now 15 days post-op. My pre op weight was actually 154 not 150. I am now 148 which means a loss of 6lbs which is pretty good. Now as for the recovery so far, for some reason i had this idea in my mind that it would be a pretty smooth sailing. I have had a breast lift/aug and i thought for sure a lipo procedure would be much easier than that one. Well I was wrong. My recovery hasnt been horrible but definetely harder thn i thought. Im still very sore, tender and bruised. I developed lumps on about the 10th day, which i was prepared for because i know its common and almost impossible to by pass. I try to massage my legs at least twice a day but like i said there still very tender. Its quite stressful feeling all the lumps and bumps in there. Im hoping they go away on their own as the massaging doesnt seem to be helping much. I just cant wait to be healed and be back to my normal self! I guess i didnt take into account how long this healing process is, its hard to have patience i just want to be me again. I tried to pick up my exercise. Yesterday i did an insanity video and today i did hot yoga. I felt o.k but still pretty sore and my inner thighs are quite stiff especially if im sitting for periods of time.
Hi can you please let me know how you are feeling now? Have your lumps and bumps gone? Are you still in pain? How is the bruising and swelling? Can you exercise properly yet? Can you massage your legs yet? I'm two days post op and am in quite a bit of pain.
I'm feeling good for the most part. I still have pain and tenderness on my outer thigh. I can still feel the lumps. There isn't any bruising anymore but my legs are still discolored where the lipo was performed. I feel like most of the swelling is gone. I am back to my regular exercise routine but I'm still sore when I run and it takes longer to heal after I work out. It is quite a Long healing process and takes a lot I patience to be able to wait to see the results. All the best in your journey
When you say discoloration what kind? Is it really noticeable? Oh you still have pain and tenderness? I'm starting to have negative thoughts. I know it's a slow healing process but I can't imagine feeling the way I'm feeling now for another couple of months :( I struggle to get in and out of bed and sitting on the toilet hurts. I've had two quick showers and getting the garment back on is really uncomfortable and a struggle coz I'm a swollen pufferfish lol

2 months post-op

Well I'm happy to say I feel fully recovered, im not in pain anymore. Now for the results. They say that it could take as long as 6 months for the swelling to completely subside. I dont feel swollen at all anymore but I guess my legs could still change. Now the big question am I happy with the results? Well unfortunately no I am not. Let me start with the pro's. My legs look smaller and they look better in pants. The con's: i have a depression on each of my outer thighs and two very noticeable ones in my inner thigh. If you were to run your hand over my thigh it feels like a huge divot. From what I have read depressions are due to over suctioniong fat from one area. My surgeon that I had has lots of experience but during my procedure he did not have his full focus on me whatsoever he was giving the new nurse a math lesson the whole time and stressing her out to the point she had to leave. Theres probably something that can be done to fix my legs but do I want another surgery, definitely not, and most of all do I want the same surgeon trying to "fix" me when he was the one who caused the problem, not particularly. Needless to say, Im still not saying anyone should ever get lipo but I just hope everyone is aware of how many things can go wrong as far as your result and just be aware of how long the recovery process is and obviously research your surgeon and dont do it unless you are 110 percent confident in their skills and feel as though they actually genuinely care about your body and the outcome you have.
I am going for my 1st procedure at the end of the month. Flanks and upper & lower abs. I am very worried about where any additional weight might go to. I am F cup and large already on top. Scared to ever get any bigger in these area. Have you experienced any odd weight/fat shifting? Thank you for any info young have
No I haven't, as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise you should be ok. Your more likely to gain weight in the area where you didn't have the lipo first. Good luck.
ps. the bottom of my tummy below my belly button feels like a bag of marbles. I'm massaging and praying and I think I'll try praying while massaging Hah!
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