Ok, I had never done any kind of cosmetic...

Ok, I had never done any kind of cosmetic procedure except a laser treatment in my derm office to ward off oncoming Rosecea redness and blood vessels.

My gf whom is 30 gets botox and loves it. Me, I couldn't think of doing it until one day I realized I wanted fuller lips. I made the appt and in two weeks went to a well known clinic here in Portland, OR.

I was TERRIFIED. I'm not afraid of needles per say but I guess I was more worried about the after. I was worried about looking like a duck.

The consultation and the people were made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. They put numbing cream on my face (no dental block) because they say the dental block can kind of distort your face and possibly giving undesired results.

I had about a total of 12 injections. The needle hurt sometimes but I would say its the Juvederm that smarts a bit. I have a high pain tolerance too. BUT, that said, I would do it again because I LOVE MY RESULTS. I didn't get too much but just enough that you can tell something is different (if you are not me)but not really know what it is.

I did bruise a bit but thats because I take alot of Ibprofin for my constant headaches. I didn't take any for a few days prior... nor did I have any red wine.

I had just my top lip done.


When you get Juvederm injected in to the lips, the person injecting you will (or should!) always tell you that it does not last nearly as long as if you had it done say in your NL folds. The lips are a highly vascular area and are always moving, thus the reason it is a very well known fact that it doesn't last as long when injected in to the lips. Do not expect to get anywhere close to the lasting effect the manufacturer/practitioner states for other areas. From what I hear, I think on average for the lasting effect on the lips its about 4 months.....I was told this before my Juve injection, and I wasn't even getting my lips done:) Good luck with you lips though! I am glad you love them!!
I loved my results the 1st month too, now @ 3 months, kinda disapointed as it my upper lip looks almost the same as before, not quite but close, for $750.00 plus tax I expect more time :-( Hope U get the year or close to it and am happy U LOVE your results~
Vanderveer Center

Very caring and made me feel comfortable. Asked alot of questions and didn't rush me.

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