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I had a Total FX treatment yesterday Jan. 14, 2010...

I had a Total FX treatment yesterday Jan. 14, 2010 and wanted to share my day with people that are considering this treatment. I had read many reviews online and was surprised to see so many negative reviews. My experience was very good. I'm only a day into it so I'm not sure what my final result will be.

I had pain killers, numerous injections into my mouth and face, and the numbing cream. And I still felt some of the laser treatment. I can handle a high degree of pain so I would recommend to anyone doing this to take the pain medications offered. Otherwise it would be too painful. I also opted for pain meds to take home and I am glad I did because I have not had any discomfort.

I have followed the doctors recommendations for icing , every hour for 10 minutes and soaking with vinegar and water for 20 minutes 3 or 4 times a day and then cleansing with the recommended cleanser. I am swollen but not too bad and it only got better not worst the second day. It's a lot of work, all this icing, soaking, cleansing, and then sleeping as much as you can oh and did I mention drinking lots and lots of water? But so far the effort has paid off.

Well all I can say is I can see improvement is some areas and none in others. Ask your doctor if he/she would offer a touch up in those areas that did not take. Not everyone is going to have the same results, there are conditions in each individual that no one can know, at least not at this point in time. I suppose someday they may be able to do a skin test prior to the procedure that would be able to determine the degree of success a certain individual would have but for now we are that test.
Well, I felt just as you in the beginning. In fact, I was ecstatic and how incredible my eyes looked. Little did I know it was due to post-procedure mild swelling which can take weeks to subside.

After 2 months and going right back to the way I was before, I was very disappointed. And a year later... the promised continual collagen renewal and improvement did not happen for me around the eyes. I can honestly say a year later they look worse.
I live in the Portland area. Can I ask who you went to for this treatment? thanks
Portland Dermatologic Surgeon

He is a real artist.

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