BA 300cc Unders with Saline

I chose to have a BA because of my very obvious...

I chose to have a BA because of my very obvious disproportions. I was a size 12 pant size with a AA cup size. I felt like it would make me feel balanced and make me feel more feminine.

the Pros, I look more in proportion and I feel less critical of myself.

The cons, well there is a new fear of being in public in a swimsuit. I have had random people come and tell me that they can tell I've had a BA. Which is rude on their part but it did cause a bit if hesitation for me.

I had 300cc saline implants placed under the...

I had 300cc saline implants placed under the muscle about a year ago. I've been slightly displeased with the placement of them though, they seem to be more in my arm pits then on my chest and the gap between them is fairly large. My PS told me this was because of my sternum and rib cage and there really wasn't much I could do about it. I was wondering if doing chest exercises would help create the illusion of better cleavage--or if it will cause them to move farther apart. Thank You
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The shape of the ribs and chest wall do affect the implant and breast shape. You would see that even before the breast implants. If you did not see that before the augmentation then I doubt that you have a major deformity of the ribs. Was that discussed with you before surgery? It should have if it was there. The with of the sternum determines how close the implants, and the cleavage. If you had cleavage before surgery then you will have cleavage after surgery. Even with deformity of the chest wall an appropriate size implant should be chosen so that the implants are not under your arm pit. Seek an opinion of a Board Certified PS.
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Thank you for the reply! I don't have any chest deformities, i think I just have a broad breast bone. My Dr. didn't discuss that the implants would not create any cleavage. I was really surprised by the result. Could they potentially be placed more centered on my chest without fusing together? I asked my surgeon but he basically told me it looked fine and that I should just be happy.

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Do what makes you feel good.I have spent thousands on breast implant procedures and would be horrified if people COULDN"T see or notice I had bigger breast after all the money I spent to look good and all the pain and healing my body had to go through.I have learned that people often say things to people with out thinking first.Ignore the childish,rude,things they say.People have something to say about everything you do.Its your body, your breast and your money you spent to get them.
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