Pre-Cancer & Breast Implants - Want Them Removed

Have had 2 biopsys, 8 mamograms, 2 MRI's in...

Have had 2 biopsys, 8 mamograms, 2 MRI's in last 2 yrs. Now I have been called by radiologist requesting another biopsy. I am wanting an explant because left breast has capsular contracture. Constant pain and I'm about pass out during mamogram. I have been told that it does have a rupture.

I am tired of all of the painful tests and biopsys. I have autoimmune disease ect. Just hoping to feel better after they are out, and hoping maybe the testing will stop also.

Implants were put in 1991,(I was 24) by a physician my boyfiend knew from his ex-wifes surgery. I'm just hoping they are saline like I was told. Don't even know Dr.s name!

Name not provided

Doctor did no follow up or explain anything about capsular contracture. I only saw the physician at initial consultation. Do your homework before having anything done to your body. Don't let others make choices for you!!!!

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I was considering BA but after reading the booklet, I changed my mind. No way I am taking even slightest risk of any health problems.I hope you are doing ok.Please update
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