Belotero in Lips and Marionette Lines - Portland, OR

This was the second time I had Belotero. My...

This was the second time I had Belotero. My dermatologist said she does not use it much, but I wanted to give it a try. In the past I have used Restylane, Juvederm and now Belotero. The Belotero has pretty much settled in at 9 days. I am going to give it two weeks before my final decision. Some of looks great and some not so great. I have a little lump on my lip that I hope will get better in the next week otherwise I will have to go in and have it dissolved. One side of marionette line looks great the other is still a bit puffy. I am giving it 2 weeks before I see my doctor again. Having that dissolved (as it is minimal) might not make sense as it will probably go down in a month or so anyway. I have never used Juvederm in my lips, so no comparison there. But in the rest of my marionette lines it worked well. Restaylane worked great in lips and anywhere else in my face. Next time I am staying with Restaylane.
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Thanks for sharing.  So when you used Restylane you didn't experience as much lumpyness/uneveness as you are experiencing now?  Let us know what happens with the lip lump and puffy marrionette line, hopefully it all calms down soon :)

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Restylane did not cause the puffiness I experienced from Belotero. Also, I did not have any bumps in lips from Restylane. The lump in my lip is still there after two weeks, but it is small and I might not bother having it dissolved as that might take other parts of the belotero out of my lip. If it stays for more than a couple more weeks, I might see my doctor, hopefully, it will just get better.
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Hopefully it gets better on its own soon, like you said.  Let us know if it does or not and if you go back to the doctor. 
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It has been just over a month since Belotero in lips and marionette lines. Holding up well in marionette area. My lip had a small bump that is hardly noticeable and glad I did not go in and have it dissolved. Belotero worked well.
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