Save your money for Juvederm unless this is "practice" - Port Orange, FL

After being the recipient of numerous Juvederm...

After being the recipient of numerous Juvederm injections to maintain a plump pout with great results, I have become a collagen junkie.

I came across a medi-spa that offered a syringe of Prevelle for 199.00. I could afford it right then and I needed a fix!
After contemplating whether or not I should replace my bald tires first, I decided I needed the collagen more.

I had done my due diligence and learned the reason it was cheaper was due to the shorter results, but that was ok, I just needed my fix.

I went to have my naso-labial (parentheses) filled and was quite dissapointed.

ALthough I didn't get swollen or bruised like the usual Juvederm battle wounds, the results were minimal :(

Perhaps it is a great concept for a "dress-rehearsal" for someone who wants to eventually experiment with a more permanent filler, but I would have preferred to save up a lil more and go for the Juve.

Overall its not terrible, just a tad too subtle for my taste.


Hi CollagenJunkie, 

Welcome to the community and thanks for the review. Your comparison between Juvederm and Prevelle is great and very useful to our community. Please keep us updated of further procedures. Thanks so much.


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