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In May 2011, I had a fine head of hair but have...

In May 2011, I had a fine head of hair but have always been very self-conscious. I work hard to maintain a good body and skin to look sexy so I decided to have a little transplant to fix my front line. I didn’t know anything about hair transplants and had a bad result and lost more than what they(a doctor in FLORIDA) transplanted (600 grafts). I was shocked (I was 25 years old) and I decide in June 2012 to have another surgery to fix the bad results of the first procedure. I was wrong.

I went to Marco Barusco thinking a more expensive doctor and a larger procedure (1800 grafts) was going to fix my problem, plus Marco was very nice. He promised to reduce the scar that the first procedure left me and he promised to fix the results of my first procedure and improve my overall look.

I trusted him and decided to go through with this second procedure which cost $8,500 (all my savings). Initially I used Toppik to cover the shock loss post procedure. Nine months after the surgery my hair looked even worse than after the first procedure. I became addicted to Toppik and could no longer go without it because the scar on the back of my head was red, thick and noticeable. The front line where the transplant was had lost a lot of density and was very thin (and looked weired).

After a few months Dr. Barusco opened the scar up again and re-stitched it shut in an effort to make it thinner. The result was the same as before so after a few months and another payment of $1400 I did FUE on the scar which also had a bad result. He tried again and again the results were still very bad.

In May 2013 I told him I was done having surgery on my head as nothing was working and I asked him very kindly for my money back (the most hard period of my life). After all of the mess and unsuccessful procedures he told me that he agreed it was not successful and would help me get my money back.

I stayed in constant contact with Dr. Barusco as I expected to receive my money back in a timely manner. After a couple months of promises for answers and still not hearing anything Dr. Barusco told I needed to gather opinions for other plastic surgeons regarding my situation to prove the procedures were not successful. As expected, they all agreed with me that it was NOT successful. I complied in a timely manner and waited to hear a response.

Today, six months after I initially requested my money back, I received a call from an attorney saying that they are NOT going to give me my money back and instead offered more surgery. I informed them I am not interested in surgery as every time it has proven unsuccessful. I also received a message from Dr. Barusco saying that he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore and if I want to talk I have to call his attorney.

I’m very disappointed in this experience because I trusted Dr. Barusco and didn’t receive the results I was promised or my money back because of it. His message today was the final nail in the coffin – I felt betrayed.

Worst mistake of my life, it has been a nightmere for me. Learn from my mistake and be very careful if you decide to have a hair transplant with him. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there that don’t really care about their patients. You can reach out to me if you want to hear more or have any additional questions.

marco barusco

worst mistake of my life

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Edoardo I am sorry to hear your story. I think you should show some pictures. That is very important although I have seen them on other websites. I was ready with my friend to give this doctor a chance before I ready your story. Thanks to you I researched more and found Dr. Charles. Now I am getting my funds together alone with my friend and getting ready to confirm a surgery. I am actually getting 3000 grafts and my friends around 3500. We will be spending around $30,000 together and sorry I am excited to finally get repaired. That money was 90% sure going to Dr. Marco Barusco so please don't take this the wrong way but your story and your grief saved me and helped me find Dr. Charles. Thanks!! Show your photos please.
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very happy that I ended up to help you in your decision, sorry for the late responde but this doctor it has been deleting any single bad review all over the internet about himself and also some of mine, so im pretty nauseated from all of this happening.
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LOL. anyways its too bad that this couldn't be work out. From reading all the forums it appears that you are suffering for the subpar transplant and the doctor reputation is suffering. I received a transplant years ago from Bosley and was actually looking at Dr. Barusco for repair. Thank god I found different websites and saw your story. I have decided to go to Dr. Charles instead ( still have to book it). Trying to convince my friend to have a transplant as well. I probably need 2000 grafts, my friend needs a lot more and just trying to find out if Dr. Charles will be able to do more than 4000 grafts. I wanted not only to choose a good doctor but a professional one. I don't thing sueing a patient is good for any doctor reputation.
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You have how hurt I am read. Youhe doctor writing those stuff, I really cant belive this is happening to me, I gave him evrything I had, my trust my life my money my time my attention my respect. Thanks againg for posting here your opinion, I will keep you updated if something else happened, btw on vital.com my review has been deleted for the 3th time, not only mine also another patient one. This is unbelievable
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*you have no idea how hurt I am to read the doctor writing those stuff...
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I'm with BBB Florida on this on. How can a doctor treat a patient like this - if the procedure didn't work just fess up to it and give him his money back. It's unfortunate that in times like this doctors hide behind lawyers instead of doing what's right and taking care of their patients.
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After all you have done on vitals.com deleting my and others bad review, I am thinking : what if when 2 years ago I was reading BARUSCO review and they were all good he was deleting already the bad once to other unfortunate patiens? that means that I judged him by something not truthful?
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photos would be helpful?
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Hi there, welcome and thank you for sharing your experience with us!

I'm so sorry it didn't turn out well for you. Did any of the other doctors you have spoken to, advise you that further surgeries would work? Or, are you simply not a suitable candidate for this type of procedure?

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Dear Kirsty, We have been trying to help this patient all along, ever since he came to us to try to correct the original work that was done with another doctor. Unfortunately he has started a smear campaign against me and my practice in order to try to extort money. Our attorney has detected that this person has been opening various different accounts on various different review sites and is posting under different aliases, in an attempt to ruin my otherwise stellar reputation. I have been practicing for 15 years and have always had a reputation of helping my patients. I will not bend to extortion tactics. We have retained legal counsel and reserve the right to pursue legal action if necessary. I am available to you directly, if you want to discuss this further with me, at Tempus Hair Restoration. Thank you for your time and consideration to this matter. Sincerely, Dr. Marco Barusco.
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I have been reading a lot of different websites concerning this matter. His scar and hairline look horrible. I understand that Dr. Barusco TRYED to repair him but it was unsuccessful. As the story goes you refuse to answer his calls, told him you would give him back his money and even sent him to one of your colleague to get an opinion. When other medical doctor call this transplant not successful you should follow through with your promise and give him his money back. Threatening a patient with a lawyer is classless will cost you a lot of business in the future. People who research doctor like doctors that handle patients concerns with professionalism not hiding behind a lawyer. Totally classless.................
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Extortion? Really? When you make a patient a promise to refund his money and then don't follow through with it and HIDE behind your lawyer what do you call that? I call that unprofessional. Why not work out an agreement with the patient for customer satisfaction. I don't know this person but know that the doctor that you send him to called this transplant UNSUCCESSFUL. I am sure this wasn't the outcome you wanted nor the outcome your promised.
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Thank you for the support BBB, so Very happt to see doctor Barusco writing here, unfortunate I just found out today that he wrote on this website, I am Edoardo Cetronio the patient, so pretty much the doctor is accusing me to write bad review with different alias right? let's talk about vitals.com marco barusco review: on 31 October I copied and pasted my well maded review on different website, also of course vitals.com, after writing the review for about 7 10 days I didn't check the web site anymore because very stressed by the situation: after about 10 I go on vitals.com and I realize that my personal review as been DELETED and replaced with 7 / 8 amazing review posted one after another one withing 6 days. SO .... Today, magically all the bad reviews, mine of course and other patients one have been deleted leaving space to only good reviews. SO What kind of behavior is thid DOCTOR MARCO BARUSCO? I cannot belive it, I tried everything in my power to talk to you after your attorney call, just to chat a bit, I left you voice message, called your assistant, I got on a plane from NYC downt to PORT ORANGE with my wife, and you didn't want to talk to me. I AM SHOKED , every day of my life I will have to use make up to hide the giant scar you left me and you do this to me? what kind of person will do that?
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So, I am just wondering: after all you have done on vitals.com, deleting all the bad reviews (mine and others patients one) and leaving (maybe writing also??)the good once, I am thinking 2 years ago, when I was looking for the best doctor for my situation I saw your review: how do i know that you didn't delete the bad review of unfortunate patient like me 2, 3, 4, 5 years ago like you did yesterday on vitals.com, at this point I am asking myself, if you have been doing this since years ( and of course we don't know it) I decided to do the surgery with you based maybe on manipulated review? I cannot belive it
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I cannot belive that you are ready to pay thousands of dollars to a lawyer and go through all of this online deal instead to just talk to me without involving a lawyer and find a good compromise , I am not asking the full amount of money at this point, i understand that you had expencese but we could talk about it at least.
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I forgot to mention I don't think Dr. Barusco is a bad doctor. I believe in fact he is a good doctor as his success has stated. I do think his intention were to give this patients a great transplant. As many people on different websites agree this is an unsuccessful transplant. Why not just give him his money back like you promised? I don't think its this poster that is damaging your reputation as much as you getting a lawyer involved. You have let this situation blow up in your face rather than dealing with it as a professional.
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Edoardo are you Mexican?
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Ciao BBB I am italian straight from the boat 4 years ago eheheh
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