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I have gone in for my initial consultation and...

I have gone in for my initial consultation and told him I wanted to be a full D. I am currently a 38A or 36b according to VS. His recommendation was 500-550cc but he wanted me to think about it for a few weeks. I go for pre op on Monday for the final verdict. I am getting nervous, my husband is fully supportive. I have 1 child 4 y/o not who was not breast fed

Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! Do you know if you're going with saline or silicone yet?

You might want to check out this list of supplies for recovery.

Let us know how it goes Monday!


I went for my preop yesterday and really had my...

I went for my preop yesterday and really had my heart set on 550 mod plus saline implants the dr agreed with all of it except the 550cc he said that he would not do anything bigger than 500 on me. I don't know if the 50 cc will make a big difference. He took the before pictures and went over all the paperwork and had me sign it. He gave me my prescriptions and I paid. I have to be at the surgery center on Monday at 10 am. They will call me on Friday to confirm that and maybe have me come in earlier. They gave me Percocet 5 mg for the pain which I was surprised at. I figured they would give me something stronger. I will upload some pictures tonight. As much as I don't like to rush through life I really cannot wait for Monday to get here. This will probably be the longest weekend of my life.
Hope your op goes well! Can't wait to see pics. :)
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