Of Course It's Worth It!

I had porcelain veneers after my dentist suggested...

I had porcelain veneers after my dentist suggested them to me as the most successful kind of teeth whitening. A lifetime of coffee-drinking, red wine drinking, and I suppose childhood smoking had made my teeth yelloe, and that made me look and feel old. I had the 8 front upper teeth veneered in 2000. My business partner also had his veneered. We thought we looked great! You get used to the effect, of course, but it was pretty striking in the beginning. And seven years later, I don't think they look as bright, and you cannot whiten them further. I still thought it was worth it.
I was recommended by my dentist who is also a lectuerer in college to do apply 10 veneers in my mouth. He did not describe the side effects as there are several ones and things can get complicated down the road. It's a lifetime comittment, it has to be replaced frequently, it can damage teeth (burxism), and may not have 100% satisfacation. On top, it's not reversable. You can never regrow enamel again. I strongly suggest you don't do it. It's unethical to remove enamels for something that will fail eventually. Please please please be careful and just keep your teeth because it feels more natural and will live as long as youre alive.
It has been almost two years since I underwent a full mouth restoration.I am going to have to say I probably would not do the restoration if I knew then what I know now.I have had numerous infections and am now being told that I need to have five(5)teeth extracted,which I have to pay,I have already paid this dentist thousands of dollars(self-pay).I believe my dentist went ahead with the restorations even though I may not have been a good candidate.Consider this decision very carefully.8411
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