I've Got a Movie Star Smile!

I dreamt of having a perfect white smile but my...

I dreamt of having a perfect white smile but my teeth were undersized and grew in off-color due to medications at a young age. Since the veneers, i feel more confidant, smile more, and people assume that I'm younger than I am! This is not an easy procedure and there are adjustments to be made but if this is your dream too, veneers is the way to go.


So glad to hear stories like yours!

For others looking into veneers, if you are wondering what the best type to go with is you can click here to see a Q&A where the dentists address that question.

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Dr. Chris Petrosino, DMD

Dr. Chris and his staff make your dental health their priority. Exams and cleanings are thorough and emergencies are just as important to them as they are to you. This practise can address most of your dental needs. It's like one-stop shopping!

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