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I did my porcelain veneers done few months ago and...

I did my porcelain veneers done few months ago and I am pleased with the new look of my teeth. because of the bad stories I've heard about unmatched color of veneers versus the backteeth, I went to serveral doctor to get some second opinions. In the end my veneers was pretty close to my natural teeth, and my smile has definitely improved.  I recommend everyone to consult with a few dentists for recommendations before going through any procedures which usually cost around $60 depending on where you live.

hi katieheidy, that is a whole lot. Usually they are about a thousand per veneer, give or take. Too much for something that involves simple shaping and gluing, but maybe it's because a factory makes them and they get charged for that. You paid too much, sorry. Unless your teeth can actually blind people, like a superpower, you paid too much -- just chalk it up to a learning experience. At least maybe you like yours?
WHAT?!?! I just got veneers on my bottom 10 and top 10 teeth and they were $2000 EACH! After all the other fees I am at $42,000! What doctor did you go to? I went to Kevin Sands, now I'm feeling ripped off:( I saw 4 doctors and the lowest price was $1,900/veneer and the most was $2,600/veneer. Maybe it's just the area but it seems like a huge difference... Thoughts?
She is saying it is $60 per consultation to decide on who to use.
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