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Poor Botox Results Between Eyes

Had botox between eyes, lines only partially went...

had botox between eyes, lines only partially went away and fully came back in two months. i feel cheated, does this sound right? was it injected correctly? Is the botox old?

had botox between eyes, lines only partially went away and fully came back in two months. i feel cheated, does this sound right?


I agreed with the person above me. I been lie to by an eye doctor and he messed up my eyelid really badly leaving loads of scars on my forehead, eyelid creases, inside my eyeborws, and to the sides of each of my eyes to my hair line. Unfortuately good doctors are hard to come by these days.
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If the Botox did not last long is because they diluted it with to much saline, this is what some places do to be able to stretch the Botox gaining profits on their end. You should always ask the Doctor or who ever it may be could they mix you bottle of Botox in front of you if they say this is not their procedure, than go to a doctor that will mix it in front of you. This is what you should have them to do anyway you always should want to see the bottle of Botox to know what you are really getting anyway! At least I would. Believe me they are Doctors that will do the mixing of your Botox in front of you and if they wont ! Do you really want them shooting some unknown chemical that you are not allowed to see the bottle into your face! I don’t think so… The doctor will take a syringe with the equal amount of saline and mix it with the bottle of Botox this should be equal amount as the unit of Botox make sure you see it coming from the bottle of saline syringed into the bottle of Botox mixed than the syringe should be filled from the Botox bottle into the syringe to be administered. If the Doctor says he can only prepare the Botox ahead of your visit tell him that is fine as long as I am there when you are preparing it and that you have no problem waiting which is not long at all! If he ask you why simple explain to him that you have had some bad experiences with the product’s effectiveness an prefer to have it mixed while you are there in the office make sure to tell him a head of time. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have him explain everything he is doing why you are watching him mix the Botox and always ask questions this is your health and money your dealing with knowledge is wonderful especially from those who have gained degree in their fields, this will teach you more about the product and the procedure that you are receiving. Remember if the Doctor seems agitated upon your request than find someone else he must have something he’s hiding like stretching the Botox that you originally bought $$$$ for yourself is now being skimp on or stretch in order to be shared with the next person that comes in for their Botox treatment not every Doctor is like this but I am sorry to say this is the Botox game that is being played out here. I also Suggest that you do your research on the muscles of the face to exactly understand what muscle will be effected, I call it the action and reaction effect when certain muscles are put to sleep other tend to be effected more, causing harder frown motions in other parts of the face. Botox really should be administered in small amounts evenly in all area of the upper face if you are thinking about injection only one area like for instance the forehead this muscle draws upper ward causing the muscles around the eyebrows to draw down ward causing another set of frown problems. Take time to learn a little about this procedure so that you can understand what you are getting into, Botox is a great thing but it can be very, very costly for everyday people like ourselves. Learn… while your having fun lookin young!
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My botox result was such a disaster that I WISH it only lasted 2 months. Maybe you just simply didn't have enough units put in?
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i'm concerned as to why i didn't get good results. Was it injected correctly? Botox old?

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