Breast Augmentation - Silicone 350cc

I decided to get breast augmentation because I had...

I decided to get breast augmentation because I had very small breast. I chose silicone 350cc not saline. I went from a 34a to a 34+b or -c and I loved my results. Everyone who've seen it said they like it also.

The only con is wishing I had gotten them bigger, I asked the doctor and he said I could get stretch marks if i went any bigger than 350cc, my surgery was done thru armpit. The doctor tried to talk me into getting it even smaller 250cc but i refused to accept his suggestion. Just recently i went to another doctor and she said the chances of getting stretch marks are very small. Other than that it's all good.

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A breastlift in 20 years??? With all of that boob weight I think it'll be ALOT sooner than that.
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I didn't get any stretch marks nor any rippling - I just upgraded my 550cc implants to 800cc. My ps did state because of the weight of the implants, I more than likely will require a breast lift in about 20 years. Pre-implants, I was a 32B cup and now with the 800cc implants, I am a 34DDD.
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