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I had pixel done 2 weeks ago,took a Soma 20...

I had pixel done 2 weeks ago,took a Soma 20 minutes before. Procedure felt like rubber bands snapping on the first pass. The areas that they went over more than once felt like a rubber band snapping with 1 inch needles attached... wanted to wet my pants! My face was on fire afterwards, they put a generic ucerin on it and it really helped. I went back to work(work as a RN at a clinic) face was neon red!! It was uncomfortable but, but bearable. Four hours later red turned to pink and felt better. Had a little swelling under eyes for next 3 days and skin felt like sandpaper. Results were great, skin is soft, clear and wrinkles are better. I plan to go back and have done again this month.

Laser Ladies

LL have been doing this for 2 or more years. They answered my questions and were very friendly.

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The only aftercare was to keep the generic ucerin on and rinse with cool water, no scrubbing. It was not as bad for me as some of the other stories. The lady who did it gave me her cell# and said if I had any problems to call her.
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I'm sorry to hear how uncomfortable the procedure was - at least you saw some good results from it though. What kind of aftercare did you need to do?

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