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Dr. Dev Wali is definitely an amazing surgeon! He...

Dr. Dev Wali is definitely an amazing surgeon! He indeed takes pride and has great confidence in his work. He is a professional! He listened comforted and reassured me throughtout the whole experience. I knew what to expect every step of the way. I am 5 months post surgery and I LOVE my results and new shape. My belly button looks natural and with no scarring. The only thing I regret is that I didn't make my first appointment sooner with Dr. Wali. After my first office visit I was so impressed with his professionalism, caring attitude, and reassurance of how great my results would be, I knew this was it.
His office staff is kind and met my needs. Making appointments was never a challenge.
Thank you Dr. Wali! You are a 5 STAR and more!
Claremont Plastic Surgeon

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Please post pictures of your belly button scar. I'm considering him for my tt but would love to see his actual work. Sharing pics with us would help us decide on a dr. Please do share. Thank you!
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