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15 Months of Suffering/ Botox for Neck Pain - Poland

15 months ago I had 100 units of botox injected in...

15 months ago I had 100 units of botox injected in my neck. After few days I started to be extremely dizzy, I had double vision and I also had trouble walking , breathing and swallowing. First 6 months I spent in bed with severe muscle pain and headaches . In the next 6 months thins got better . I started to walk for few minutes a day . Now 15 months after the procedure my neck is in a really bad shape. Contracting/spasming all the time(there is a lot of atrophy at the back of my neck). I dont have double vision but slighty blurred. My arms and legs are still weak and very very painful. The neck sometimes is so weak that I have to support him , Otherwise it drops . I am tired all the time and looks pale. I feel hottnes throught my body but mainly in my neck. Even my shoulders are in pain . Doctor who gave me botox said that this is impossible but all of this happened directly after the injection. There is of course improvement after these 15 months but will I ever recover? Will my neck regain former strenght? and why all of this is so painful. Sorry ofr my english , its not my native language. Please help

I'm assuming you had the botox injected to help with cervical dystonia, is that correct or was it for another purpose?

doctor said that I dont have dystonia and suggested that botox would relieve my neck pain. By the way I had only neck pain before injections and I was really healthy person

Well I'm really sorry to hear that you haven't had a good result from the treatment. Do you mind me asking what kind of doctor you were seeing for your neck pain?

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