Pleased So Far

An hour and a half a counting. I just had one...

An hour and a half a counting. I just had one syringe of Juvederm injected into my nasolabial folds and the downturned corners beneath my lips. So far I'm pleased: the results look natural. The skin looks smoother (but no freakishly smooth) and I look refreshed and about 3-4 years younger. I'm 45. The injections were tolerable. The doctor numbed me beforehand with a topical gel and then used an ice roller immediately before each injection.

Right now I'm using an icepack to minimize swelling. Out of aproximately 8 injections, one has already formed a small blue bruise. The other sites look good so far. Fingers crossed. I took Arinica beforehand, hoping to minimize bruising.

The proceedure took about thirty minutes in all (ten of those just waiting for the numbing agent to take effect). The doctor performs a lot of Juvederm injections and has had excellent results. She told me she's never had to use the dissolving agent to break up lumpy of misplaced Juvederm.

My recommendation are: 1) Choose an experienced doctor. 2) Only have injections in the nasolabial folds and marionette lines (too many people on this site have had poor experiences with lip and under-eye injections. 3) Allow yourself two days to recover. This is not a "do in your lunchtime and go back to work at 1pm" proceedure. 4) Be conservative. You can always go back for additional injections if you don't get the results you'd hoped for. 5) Choose an experienced doctor--yes I know I've said that twice.

Just wanted to post a quick comment in reply to something I read in this post. Just so you know, Juvederm product should not be iced or exposed to heat following the procedure. It can interfere with the product's effectiveness. Just so you know for next time! Good Luck ladies!
Thank you for the updates, I went through a simaliar experiance with Juviderm & botox. I actually liked the swelling and hoped that it would stay that way, nice & filled out but it didn't, just had one vial like you and saw mimimal but nice results for about half a year with Juvie & about 2 and a half months at most with the botox....I may have it again before my cousins wedding in a few months...:-)
Day 6: The swelling and bruises have gone and I think I'm now looking at the final results. The nasolabial folds are definitely less pronouced. The downturned corners of my mouth: can't say I see much improvement. As I only had one syringe of Juvderm injected in total, it might not have been sufficient to do both areas properly. Would I do it again? Yes. Would I recommend others do it? Only if they are absolutely certain they have an experienced facial/plastic surgeon. On day two, when I developed two swollen bumps at the injection sites, I realized how precious my face is to me. It's far better to be wrinkly than disfigured.
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