Pleased with Results - Lasted Really Long Time

I'm 43 - First time I did restylane was for my...

I'm 43 - First time I did restylane was for my laugh lines, and the injections were tolerable until the doctor got lower where he hadn't put the block. Hurt like hell! Had minor swelling, and happy with the results, lasted almost 2 years.

Then I got it done again by another (very good) plastic surgeon and he gave me LOTS of block. And, I still felt the injections! (The block injections in my mouth weren't very fun either) But, the swelling was awful, I looked like Jay Leno for 2 weeks. But, I have to say, that was 2 1/2 years ago, and it is still holding.

I guess I'm a lucky one where it lasts a long time.

I want to try the hollow in my cheeks now, but I'm a bit hesitant because it seems like it gets more mixed reviews.

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I like my plastic surgeon, he has a very good reputation and has an artist's eye

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for julie jay and others. i just can't understand why you would subject yourself to yet another injection, if not more than one, just to get a block that could acutlaly cause another set of problems. it's still an injection, so why not just get the restylane injections and be done with it. i've never had any pain killer, block, gel, or anything else. it's over so fast and then you immediately apply ice and you have no side effects. the other way you have the initial block injection pain and then the many hours of numbness, tingling, swelling and possible side effects. try it, be brave, it's not bad at all. :)

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