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I tried Xeomin today so its too early to report...

I tried Xeomin today so its too early to report any immediate results. It hurt more than Botox and I swell up a little more too. Also my heart has been skipping. I don't have immediate results - will have to wait a whole week to see if it works. I have a 2 week followup...which makes me feel that she didn't inject enough product. Also my head is aching. I will not repeat this! Nothing better than Botox. Feel ripped off. Will report later on any results. Right now i feel anxiety.


Hi Missdarkness,

What happened with your experience? Did you go back to Botox? Did you feel better after time?

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Hi Miss, 

I hope you are feeling better today. The way you are feeling immediately after sounds very similar to how some of the Botox community members feel after their injections. I'm actually happy she is doing a two week follow up, at least if you are still feeling bad it just makes sure she can check on you and what not. Why did you change from Botox, which you were comfortable with? 

Thanks so much,


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Too early to judge yet...

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