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Disappointed, to Say the Least! - Pleasanton, CA

I recently had a facelift and was expecting to...

I recently had a facelift and was expecting to look refreshed and more youthful. There was little or no difference between the 'before' photos and how I now look. At 6 mos., the Doctor stated he could see a 'slight' improvement in the jawline. The first facelift I had 10 years ago took 20 years off my appearance. The Doctor offered to do a 2nd procedure to tighten things up. Am I disappointed right now, absoultely. The need to go through a 2nd procedure is not something I look forward to except that I will, hopefully, get the results I anticipated the first time. I will repost in May or June after the surgery.

Do you have before and after photos to share???
Well.... what is the update??? Please post for us.
The revision surgery was done by tightening the skin a bit more. There was a noticeable difference for me but, not nearly what I expected. I plan to see another surgeon for his opinion, however I know how reluctant doctors are to criticize another doctor's work.
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I have known this surgeon for many years and have been fairly happy with the results for most procedures he has performed.

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