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Not Long Before I Have the Wonderful Body I Always Wanted - Plano, TX

I am a 33 yr old mother of two wonderful children....

I am a 33 yr old mother of two wonderful children. But with these children's pregnancies I gained almost 100 pounds with each so I have a lot of loose saggy skin.I currently am 5'6 and weigh 130 but the saggy skin is a big issue for me.

I also decided to go ahead with the BA at the same time and get it all done together. I am very nervous and unsure but hopefully after my pre op appt on Friday my nerves will settle down. Everyone please say a prayer for me :)

It has been a few days but alot going on in...

It has been a few days but alot going on in preparation for my surgery. I went for my pre op Friday February 10th. All went well and I am scheduled for Monday February 20th. Just a few more days and I am really nervous and excited at the same time. I will try to update on Tuesday when I return home, because I am 3 hours away from my ps I am staying over night in a hotel and will not be home until Tuesday afternoon. Please say a prayer for me and good luck to everyone in their upcoming surgeries! Love to you all :)
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I live close to Plano......I am having my surgery in June..I am using Dr Schwartz....Have any of you heard good or bad things about him? He has a few good reviews. He did my mkther in laws TT. I just see so many reviews for other doctors,and a few for him. They are good reviews..Just not many...He is popular...He had his own radio show for a while...I am just scared:-(
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Dr. Ronald Friedman from West Plano Plastic Surgery Center his website is www.plasticsurgerydallas.com I live close to Plano....you?
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I am so happy to have someone to recover with :) Dr. Wilcox is doing my surgery. Who is doing yours?? Are you from the Plano area?
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CONGRATS!!! Whose your doctor? I am having a TT on March 2nd in Plano, TX as well! We will be healing together!!! Yaaaay!!!
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