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I'm Halfway Finished, and I Love It So Far! - Plano, TX

My teeth have gradually shifted since I got a back...

My teeth have gradually shifted since I got a back tooth pulled about 10 years ago. I've been thinking about Invisalign for a while, and decided to do it when I saw a good price at a local dentist. I'm 10 weeks into my total of 20 weeks (10 sets of aligners), and my teeth started looking better after just a few weeks.

Invisalign, for me, has not produced pain, just some "discomfort" when I put on new aligners. The only minor drawbacks are the brushing right after eating, which can be a challenge when I'm not home, and the slight lisp in the speech. But it's definitely been worth it!

Glad you started your review, and even happier to read you were seeing changes you liked so early on in treatment.

Did you have to have any attachments or buttons put on, or were you one of the few lucky ones who doesn't need them?

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