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I am a Mexican American 52 yr old with olive skin...

I am a Mexican American 52 yr old with olive skin that tans into a golden color. I started to notice my neck was a little crepeyand the light acne scars on my cheek were more noticible and creating "waves" on my cheek. I went to ALC and signed up for 4 treatments on my face and neck. My first treatment one was done at a B48 level. It does hurt, my face was on fire for about 1 hour after treatment, with numbing cream. Not any redness, I looked really nice and tan for the next day. The little dots were minimal. Not too much of a difference on my skin so for my 2nd treatment in Feb I asked Debbie my RN to "up" the level so we did a C50 . Oh my what a difference it made, the pain was the same, the "tan" was the same BUT the little dots were more pronounced and lasted for almost a full 7 days! My skin is definitely looking better, the acne scars are much, much less visible and my neck is looking fantastic!! I cannot wait until i go back for my 3rd treatment (March 07) I know that the Ematrix was the right choice for me. It absolutely works!!


This is wonderful news!   Glad to hear you are seeing improvement with each treatment.  Let me know how the 3rd treatment goes this week.  

Have you taken any before and after pictures?

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I did not take any pictures but Debbie (the RN) takes a picture right before each treatment so I plan on asking her for those pics once I'm all done with the Ematrix. Of course I'll post them on here. I didn't mention that I had light freckling due to sun damage. Most of those "freckles" have disappeared. I am now wearing sunblock everyday and will for the rest of my life.

The pictures would be great.   I am a little over the top about protecting my skin with sun block as well.  The fear of skin cancer which runs in my family is nuts!

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