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I had Smart Lipo done on Aug. 17, now it's...

I had Smart Lipo done on Aug. 17, now it's Sept. 11. Nothing looks better. It's all the same and that just makes me more upset.

I spent time, money and keep wearing the ridiculous belt and/or Spanx. none of this is paying off.

I don't feel swollen, but I guess I am.

When, oh when will this stomach go in?

Anyone have any input? please help.


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Not rating the doctor till I figure out what is happening and when will I see results.

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Hi Nbsk -- I'm sorry you haven't seen any results yet. The recovery process can be really frustrating.

Swelling can last 2-3 months and this can hide results. How do you feel otherwise? Do you feel like you're still healing?

You may also want to ask your doctor how many CCs were removed. Nearly all doctors actually remove the fat these days (some used to let it remove itself from the body naturally) so this will give you some indication of how drastic your results should look.

Keep us posted and I hope things get better for you soon!

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Thanks for your comment.

I think they took out 300cc or so. I feel ok. Just really annoyed at clothes not fitting better and sometimes worse than before.

I will give it time. Just frustrated. I have a follow up in early October. Let's see.


P.s. How do I know if I'm still healing or if it just didn't work?
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