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And so my youngest is 3yrs old and I'm still 30...

And so my youngest is 3yrs old and I'm still 30 pounds overweight... It's like I've been stuck in this weight.. I'm done having kids and I want my body back.. Been taking supplements to lose weight and so far it's helping but I'm kinda eager to have surgeries done... We're planning to do a cruise next summer and if I don't get my act together, I'd be hiding my body again and again and again... How much does it really cost? Do you get a discount if you get TT, BA, and a possible lipo done together? I wonder... It's tough to put a budget on this when you've four kids and the husband is the only one working.
It's always cheaper to get them all done at the same time. Way way cheaper. Depending on where you live you could pay between $6000 and $12000.

Can't wait...

Can't wait to have my consultation with you, Dr.Tripti Burt. Still trying to shed off 30 pounds which is extremely hard ;( Your clinic is just five minutes away from my house... I actually see my ob/gyn in the same building as your clinic. It's very convenient. I found you in this website. When I submitted my request for consultation through here, Kelly right away called me. She's very friendly. I'm the quiet type so talking to her made it easy. I'm looking forward to meeting you someday. I already talked to my husband about it. His main concern is for me to lose weight first because he doesn't want me to come out as a fat lady with a boob job.
I am getting a TT Feb. 11th with Dr. Burt and I am both excited and nervous. Make sure you post pics before and after because it is always helpful when people reveal their results! Good luck!

Welcome to the community.  Thank you for joining us and beginning your journey here.  Looking forward to hearing more from you.

Dr.Tripti Burt

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