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I went to see Dr. Neena Will with my wife who was...

I went to see Dr. Neena Will with my wife who was going to her for a consultation for an issue with her forehead. I was so impressed by Dr. Will, her office, and staff that I started to ask my own questions about my eyelids. Without a blink Dr. Will took care of my wife's issue's then started to ask me about mine. Dr. Will could of had me come back for another consultation, but she didn't! My wife and I completely trust Dr. Will and her expertise. A few months later I had both my upper and lower eyelids done, now I can see better, which was the main issue I was having, and I look about 10 years younger. Dr. Will is not only an excellent surgeon, but she is compassionate, caring, and patient!
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Dr. Neena Will is an excellent surgeon, she is a very caring and compassionate doctor. Dr. Neena Will took the time with me to make sure that I had all my questions answered and that I understood the procedure in great detail and any post op care that may need to be done after surgery.

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