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Latisse Gives Me Beautiful Lashes but Older Looking Eyes - Placentia, CA

Pros: my lashes got longer and seems to curl...

Pros: my lashes got longer and seems to curl slightly up on their own. Love them.

Cons: my upper eyelids got wrinkly looking. Like it ages them by 20 years. If you look at the before and after pics in Latisse's ads, you can see this wrinkle appearance too.

So-so: lashes got longer but not noticeably thicker. My eyebrow hairs grew a little bit where it was sparse, but not by a lot.

Always some itching after application. I use it until I notice the wrinkles appear. Then I stop until it goes away. Then I use it again until I notice the wrinkles again.

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You can get it from any doctor.

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Latisse has NEVER caused blue eyes to turn brown. If you use Latisse IN your eye AND have hazel eyes, it can increase brown spots in hazel eyes. It's safe for use in people of all eye colors. It will give redness to a lot of people and it can cause itching. My friend can't use it at all because of this. She also had a lot of dry eye. I had no issues with it at all. If you have pigment discoloration, redness or itchiness, try using less or using every other night. If it still continues, you have to decide if longer lashes are worth it or not. Everyone's different and sometimes it's trial & error.
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I'm having similar issues. My eyes look "older" not from wrinkling, but from a weird discoloration on my upper and lower lids. I'm only using one drop per night for both eyes, and applying with a thinner eyeliner brush so I'm not getting too much product. I used to be able to leave the house without concealer on my lids, but not anymore!
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As for eye-darkening concerns, this has only been found to occur in people using it as glaucoma treatment, which means putting drops directing in the eyes. So I wouldn't worry about it. Just be careful to keep it on the lash line and out of the eyes.
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great information thank you, I await the answer to my iris darkening concerns for blue-eyed people who use latisse with anticipation
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you are getting the wrinkle look because your skin is reacting to the chemical in the latisse. It is comparable to dry skin...it is not actually wrinkeling the skin. It looks that way because of the lack of hydration. Try to only put it on the skin, but more on the lash line.
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