I am day one post procedure and very scary looking...

I am day one post procedure and very scary looking. The procedure itself was not too bad. The pain started about an hour after and lasted about 12 hours. I tried an aloe/sunburn gel as recommended and it felt like alcohol in an open wound. I took Tylenol and ibuprophen and that helped. I am also applying a face lotion frequently.

But what I really want to tell people is depending on how aggressive your doctor is with your treatment- expect to take off a week of work. I don't even want to go to the grocery store or drop my kids off at school. I am red with brown patchy skin and those grid marks are very prominent. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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This recovery sounds alot like the new fraxel laser treatment I am getting. I couldn't go out in public for 3 days after the treatment. I looked scary very red lobster like and eyes swollen shut. On fourth night, I was going crazy at home so I went to drive thru for food and drove around for a half hour just to get out of the house. I am going for three treatments. I have had two. Not sure how this compares, result-wise to pixel. But, This is better then dermabrasion. I never had that but heard that was three weeks down time and operator dependent results.
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