I Would Soooo Do It Again - Houston

Yes it hurt during procedure.. burnt, stinging...

Yes it hurt during procedure.. burnt, stinging feeling after. Was given silvadene w/Lidocaine to apply for 1st 24 hrs. I used it for 2 days...much relief. My face peeled for 4 days. Used a lot of moisturiser w/SPF 45. I'm 1 week post procedure. Very happy with results. I would sooo do it again even recommended to a friend of mine. She's doing it today, I'll be there to hold her hand & provide moral support...:)


Hi B Gee - I am getting one as well.
I've been getting Price Quotes.
Could you tell me which place you have had this? Is $250 for one time treatment?
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I am also in Houston and just purchased a pixel perfect laser treatment from Skinovative at the Galeria. I am very interested in hearing about your results.
Had it done to minimize pores, happy with results, pores got smaller
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Post care was important. Silvadene w/Lidocaine helped immensely.

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