Upcoming TT (4 Kids, 2 C-sections)

Very comfortable with my doctor.He spent a good...

Very comfortable with my doctor.He spent a good amount of time talking to me.His staff was very friendly.Also his office is inside a major hospital.

I get my TT on May 7th.I am so nervous.Alot has to...

I get my TT on May 7th.

I am so nervous.Alot has to do because when I was 24 I had DVT's and Multiple PE's.(was caused by birth control)

I am no longer on Heprin or Lovenox.But the doctor will give me a shot of Lovenox after surgery.He's also keeping me in the hospital overnight which makes me feel a bit better.

My main problem is I am so scared of somthing happening to me and leaving my 4 kids.All because I want a flatter tummy.But after carrying 4 kids and having 2 Csections my tummy disgusts me.

I keep telling myself that after everything Ive went through I deserve this.And Im planning on taking all precautions.Like wearing compression stockings for the first week or so.

Anyways I will post before and after pics as soon as I get it done.

Anxiety is a perfectly normal part of undergoing a treatment as major as a tummy tuck. Being comfortable with your doctor (board certified I'm assuming) and his staff should help. I also urge you to look around RealSelf and comment on other women's reviews so you can connect. We have a nice community of women who are willing to share their experiences. Brittany88 was extremely nervous, but is healing now and is happy with her results. Good luck and please keep us updated on how it's going!


Just found out they scheduled it for May 3rd! Wow....

just found out they scheduled it for May 3rd! Wow...Im so nervous but excited.I keep looking at my tummy in the mirror and wondering what it will look like.I have never had a flat tummy.Even when I was young and weighed 115 pounds I had a little pouch.Its gonna be so weird!!

They sent me a prescription to get blood work done.So I guess Ill be doing that Monday.


I picked up a hot/cold pack today,2 bottles of hand sanatizer,2 bottles of antibacterial soap and a bottle of vitamin e oil for my scar once it starts healing.Im sure theres more I need but I cant think of it all.My minds going so fast.I keep myself from buying clothes.I want to real bad though but im not sure what size jeans Ill where after.


My daughters birthday is 6 days after my surgery..hopefully Im not to down to have cake and open presents

I am relieved to hear someone else expressing fear of dying and leaving one's children due to vanity. That's exactly what I've been feeling! I'm going under in 19 days. I know it's the right thing to do or I wouldn't be doing it. As it gets closer, I get more excited- this isn't just vanity, it's self-esteem and mine is sinking every year I put this off!
I was scared that way too, afraid I'd die and leave my kids because I was vain. But my belly was so gross to look at. I had mine done April 5. The surgery it's self was cake. It was the recovery that I wasn't even slightly prepared for. I just now feel human again. I hope your experience is alot better but I was basically an invalid the first 2 weeks. Thank God! I had someone to help me. I REALLY REALLY recommend you get several, 6 to 8 pillows incase you have an experience anything like mine. I would get some firm and some soft.I had no idea how much it actually hurts if you have to lie down or sit down too long, AGONY!!! to the back and butt. Everyone is differant so you may not need them, but better to not need them than to suffer for not having them. I found this sight today and it has made me so happy to find that I am not alone in this. I had thought I was abnormal in how long it is taking me to just get to where I can go to the store or take a shower by myself. READ as many of the recovery stories as you can so you are prepared. Especially if your swelling is bad. I had NO IDEA!! My feet were three times their normal size, I couldn't hook my bra, my legs and ankles blended together and were monsterous. They're still not normal but are nothing compared to the first two weeks. The drain sights were beyond sore and my pubs were swollen 5 times it's normal size.And just so you know although I am still struggeling and would have said a week ago that I wish I had never done this. I can now say ( although I am still really! really! swollen )I can see the differance and that this will have been worth it in the long run. I just wasn't prepared for the recovery.
nerves are natural...but be reassured that it really is a worthwhile experience and u will feel awesome after it all. I also agree with Angiemcc connect on here it really was my saviour, and Brittany88 was my guardian angel that reduced my fears, i really look forward to ur progress, and i am really super excited for you x
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