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I had 4 moles removed. I had two on my stomach...

I had 4 moles removed. I had two on my stomach that have bothered me my entire life. I had bought some red stuff on ebay for like $20 on my aesthetician saw some chemical burns on me and said I had probably bought compound w and said it would take forever and hurt (it did) she said I could get as many moles as they could do in 15 minutes for $50 so I was like why not. They gave me a shot of lidocaine in each mole then burned them. Each mole is healing on it's own time table as they were all different spots and sizes. I really only cared about the ones on my stomach. (the other 2 were one on my arm and one on my back that got annoyed by my bra ) The pic is the two on my stomach that still have some healing to do but I am really happy. the first two pics are old pics I had to look for so they aren't great quality, the last pic is from today.

Body Beautiful

I love the girls at body beautiful, they actually squeezed me in for this spur of the moment and did a great job. It was inexpensive and fixed something that has annoyed me for years for next to nothing.

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They called it a cyst, but it was hard like a little bb, it may have been a wart and they just didn't want to offend me. It was right where the under-wire always rubbed from my bra on the inside half way up, so it may have been more akin to a skin tag. I actually went in all hysterical because I was like "BUMP ON MY BREAST! GONNA DIE" They just laughed and hit me with the freeze stuff. It turned brown then fell off. It was pink for like a month, now I can't even find where it was.
I would be nervous to have stuff done on my face though, unless I saw a lot of pics!
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Oh, you poor thing! I don't blame you for being freaked out about a mysterious bump on your breast - I think any less of a response would be more worrisome. So glad it turned out to be such a simple fix!!

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They might do a free touch up if you ask. I had a skin colored bump frozen off my breast and it just fell off and was pink for awhile, great results, that was at my GP's office. I just feel at the one on my back, it's in a really awkward spot.
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When you say a skin colored bump, do you mean like a mole that is the exact same color as the rest of your skin? I have one of those on my looks like I have a permanent zip (lovely!). Of course since its on my face I absolutely don't want it cut off, cause I think it is less noticeable than a scar would be. Did you have a scar after the spot healed all up?

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Wow, they look like they are healing up really good! I had 2 removed from my back recently and they definitely don't look as nice & flat as yours do. They cut mine off though (yuck, that sounds so gross!) maybe burning them off is the better way to go as far as what the skin looks like afterwards.

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