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I am 27yrs old and the mother of one. I am 311 lbs...

I am 27yrs old and the mother of one. I am 311 lbs and have been overweight my whole life. I have been considering this surgery for quite some time but my PCP and I felt now is the time to get it done. I gained almost 80lbs during my pregnancy. I have a family membre who didi have the bypass and gained ALL the weight back plus some. I have friends who have managed to keep the weight off also. I have seen the excess skin that is caused from the surgery. I have started really changing my diet from working on portion control as well as organic. I hope to lose alot of the weight because I have a child and a husband that needs me. I know that this surgery isnt going to fix my problem but it sure is a jump start.


Hi Keesha, Welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.

Wow, your surgery date will be here before you know it! You're lucky to know so many people who have had this surgery already, so you have a good indication of what to expect.

The most important thing is to follow your doctors advice, don't try and eat too much too soon, make sure you drink all the water you're told to, take your vitamins regularly and if something doesn't feel right, go back to your doctor right away.

We have a Weight Loss Surgery page, which has guides for pre and post-op, as well as other information. You may find it useful to have a read through.

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

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Less than twelve he's away...

I am 2 hr's away from surgery ....

I am 2 hr's away from surgery ....

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2 days after surgery and I have gas but feel good...

2 days after surgery and I have gas but feel good otherwise I'm ok


Thanks for the updates, I'm so glad surgery went well for you and you're feeling okay! I hope you're being looked after at home! :-)

Whenever you're able to, it would be great to get an update on how the surgery went and what the recovery process is like!

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