Life Changed in a Bad Way - Pittsburgh, PA

My procedure went fine. I lost 100 pounds in...

My procedure went fine. I lost 100 pounds in under a year. Changed my personality and me. I was a casual drinker with my friends before the surgery and then found that I could drink for hours just fine then hit a wall and was smashed. I lost friends, boyfriends and family. I didn't know alcholism would be a side effect of the surgery. I was making up for the years of pain with drinking because it didn't effect me like others. I neglected my diet with a lack of good nutrition being replaced by wine. I got myself together now with getting back on a vitamin regimen and high protein as my hair is thinning. Sometimes you trade your soul for a thin body. I think I was a better person when I was fat.
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Hi there, welcome and thank you for sharing your journey with us!

I'm sorry you've been going through such a difficult time, but it's awesome that you're starting to get your life back on track. Did your doctor mention that you should not be drinking alcohol at all post-op?


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Did you attend the support group meetings for people that are post OP or follow up with a surgeon. Recommenda that
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