Eyes Look Worse S/p Chem Peel - Pittsburgh, PA

I had a chem peel around my eyes to tighten and...

i had a chem peel around my eyes to tighten and get rid of fine lines. had my peel in the end of may. now i have bags under my eyes (which i never had) and the bags have created worse lines. my eyes look older! will this improve? if it does not go away, what can be done? should the md who did the peel have to fix it?

Sorry to hear things got worse. :( Here are a couple of Q&As that might be helpful to you:

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this was a deep chem peel done at a plastic surgeon. it made my eyes look worse. bags and deeper lines. so, an article about chem peels for lines around the eyes does not help me. it has been 5 mos since my peel. can anyone give me any help?

Then I would encourage you to be more proactive in your search for information. You can read through other people's reviews, post questions for them, and look through the Q&A section to try to find applicable information. Good luck!

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